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July 7, 2016

a traffic stop in St. Anthony

humans in their ways find shelter,
to hide from that such news
which they do not understand, in ways
to keep to keeping, to keep on
and go, and most–and i, will never “get it”
the agency of those in such high towers aloft
and their fears they decide on,
to encase and to deal fateful cards
to those so swiftly and so finally so nearly
in such a manner, so wrongly,
in circumstances we could all now weep,
for the images we see we are all now there.

May 21, 2015

Pre-Open Mic on Nicollet Avenue

Streetlamps poured
a waxen yellow glow on the Nicollet Avenue scene below,
as above heavens danced and sparked white
as now onlookers stood and watched.

The hum of vehicular masses turned to a city of cratered paths,
while people were lit as props, good and evil,
coming and going about their static business.

This nature in society, framed, isolated—what we have;
metal grasps of synthetic hands
coming to and shaping us,
to make up our wake up, to shake up our trust.

Bleeding oil, exhausting fumes,
killing cows, and loud preaching fools;

we exist as a populous,
with meaningful purpose, and American sentimentalism.

Illuminated here by streetlamp’s waxen yellow glow, on Nicollet,
under heavens about to open wet,
mingling with ghosts of our yesterday,
with whole cultures of churches and states to thank.


April 22, 2013

608 Abstract Logic

Did you know:  Smashing the bottom of your beer bottle on the top of another beer bottle will cause the latter to bubble?  Oh brother…

A simple truth, we are in trouble.


Drunk-monologue-saying: as long as they keep paying me a check I’ll still collect.

I’ll keep smiling and I’ll forget the bad treatment without regret.


Similar to paralanguage: it’s not what you write but how you write it.

Body language is 90% of what you are trying to say; my hand is out to you.  Do you invite it, or do you push it away?


Forward, fight it.


Seek and you shall receive.

Think and you shall start to believe.

Things change; watch the leaves on the trees.

Relax and breathe.


Shall we rest at easy, or toss and turn in the cool night’s breeze?

Which do you prefer in attempt to sleep?


Life is simple…

Open your eyes to see.