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February 28, 2017

inflammation of the toes

i scaled the skin off of my feet
with some sponge
so i could sleep, this was 11pm.
i thought of how an acquaintance spoke of incompetence,
Putin, and being a gun-owner
all in one Letter to the Editor.
that is where you will find the news today.
you will not find sleep there.
you will find sleep in scrubbing clean.
my feet were in silent torment, sorrow.
i wonder about
how contagious this might be.
i wonder about the water down the drain,
where it goes
and how it makes me tired.
my toes dry straight up in twilight air
and the dim light of night
that sticks from a wall socket.
thank god for that creme.
and that others got real problems,
ones they can sleep on.

May 3, 2013

Headache Quick Fix

Ibuprofen and Black Lager,

By Terry Scott Niebeling


Out the view from a window, weather brings rain and snow.

Inside my head is split wide-open, pain not thoughts exposed. 


Two white pills, and an open bottle of beer: my only hope of relief, there is nothing to fear.


Void where there used to be cotton, the seal is broke; there is calming peace, stuck like a lozenge in my throat.  


My head is split wide-open, can you see?

Praying for pain to leave, this feeling made a believer of me.


Lord set me free. 


Is my brain asleep?

Am I awake?

Is this a dream?


My imagination playing tricks, internal bleeding, fleeting life, this is how now exists.

Momentarily maligned. 


And twenty minutes later I forget the time. 

Placebo:  it is 2013, what a quick fix, again I feel alive, and I still have my wits.