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March 28, 2017

how to be a thoughtful globalist in the wake of fake intellectuals

this would make me empassioned, or
impassioned.  i am passionate about this something…
that’s how i get
when neo-globalists
who’ve never left the states
try to fix
other people’s problems
their English language exclusively.
the irony of westernization; fixed only by itself. YOU SEE?
and that is what they call backwards and selfish.
tho, there will be no stories of this on the news.
because just get out there and disrupt because.
and they should
call those who
think locally “nationalists” too.
a bunch of loud fools.
you know, somethings don’t translate.
you know, people might have different opinions.
this is how language works.
so when they/you designate
their/your ideas, ideations, and ideologies
as such, i just smh in realtime.
so silly, so stupid, so same.
that is why i am a where-ever-i-am-at-ist,
because i am right there,
i can attempt to understand
what i see and experience around me,
for me, for truth, for better.
maybe even for you…
but honestly, not for you (i don’t care)
or the tv (forget tv), i won’t facebook livestream it
or create a clever sign that
gets thrown away next day in some ironic carbon footprint
(that you too should actually hate)
after the post and the filter and the likes–fretter fakes.
and that is what i am passionate about,
or empassioned about, or impassioned about,
all that is around me
because i can touch it tangible,
as they said, i can feel the real,
i can set the clock next to the bed.
and there is something about language and labels.

August 1, 2013

Coup De Artist (Minneapolis)

I know so many Authors, Artists, and Laureates who know it.


Just ask,

Everyone in Minneapolis is an Artist, MC, or Poet.



Not surprisingly,

Around the Twin Cities there is so much trash.


Read, React, Gasp.


Ubiquitous by passion apparent;

I can’t say its all on the same level, but there is measurement in ounces, right?


From sponsored acts of grandeur to Dylanesque Crass-

They say this is all I do, think of the followers I’ll attract.


Buy my book.  I am a published author.

But who isn’t?

Buy my art.  I am a famous artist.

But we can see through the gimmick.

Buy my CD.  I am an MC.

Your friends would love it for Christmas.


I guess I just missed it…


I know you.

You bike too.

You write too.

If you don’t already, I know you’d like to.

Can I invite you to read me?


I think I like you.  Untrue.  I think I’ll leave.


Sounds familiar, sounds like the past.

Almost like an act I can’t quite grasp.


See me?

Agree with me?


I like the way you talk about your passion, your art.

But first you must start.

And stop if it doesn’t truly come from the heart.


Pen to paper,

Brush to paint,

You talk a lot about what you create.

Everyone talks all the same.


I can tell you what it ain’t.


What do you do?


What a shame.


Plain as day these lame talk more than they could ever physically exclaim.

Anyway, this criticism is just art, so don’t be pained.