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July 28, 2014

peaceful reside

Darkened room
beyond a standing open door.
Fan blows low,
violins cry; moaning- in the air.

Cat bounds, jumps,
across a dusted floor.

This motionless single-bedroom apartment, still, as mind dances the Tango.

Loved ones, phone.

She moves,
rolling in the lamplight
covered in white-cloud blankets
warm in her spot.

The bed holds like a trusted hand.

Lie processing,
awake alone,

shadows paint the walls and ceiling.

Torso imprints a time, right there.

Peaceful reside,
past moments in my mind.


July 13, 2014


as lipstick and licorice;
kiss with the tongue,
hard feelings then diminish.

We won’t mention that again.

She said she’s always fine,
the next week she died.

I have the text to prove it.

-Found her along a country roadside
with holes and blood and mud.
The Sunday newspaper said it as
a matter of fact- Just. Like. That.

We had this one class together…
-Fremdsprachen, Deutsch.

Who writes that shit anyway?
It can’t be real-

Those papers…

A life that lacks is labeled as that.
A life on track is labeled as that.

Hands tied, for gosh sakes!
Bright white lines,
Coldest milk shake,
I was on Valium so I don’t remember that day- anyway.

Then the poetry reading was over…
So was everything else-

No apprehension
No hesitation.

What’s tension?
We mention:

A lifetime away,
Full of choices
Did you hear them voices?

And you thought for a walk.
And you thought for a talk.
And you made art with chalk
that did not last so long.

-Some cloudy milk transparency.

But that was all you did,
then you slept-

after the sun had left.


Also, danke schön Pakistan.
Story: A patron puts one hundred-dollar bills inside of the books he returns only to promote reading.

July 14, 2013

“Crazy Anna Stacey”

Passing stairs to get to a room.

One at a time.

Moments stuck in a line.

Thoughts in my mind of someone I knew a short time.



Doors in view, amazed as much as amused at a simple labyrinth hallway perspective.

Color: powder blue.



We need two more to do more.

Core to core, quarters are a fourth.

We wrestled laughing on the floor.


You solve half of the problem.


Wake in the morning to alarming phone horns.



Night moon pales in significance to the black sky.

I swear to God that’s how I got these black eyes.


We disappear after we die.

Fly into time.


She did.

She had robin’s egg eyes before her bulbs burnt out.


She turned purple on the floor of her companion’s house.  She turned grey in the ground, green in time, and stiff before the latter two.  Tattoos and art stuck in my mind.  All of time-and her legacy remains with me.

Rex and 666, no schtick-

Antler clad milk carton scars commemorate her in her passing.