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October 22, 2015

subjective subject

eyes see
other eyes

January 10, 2015

To Brunch in Dublin

We walk in brisk blinding light
Thru people of differing pasts,
Closely along the River Liffey;
Birds, paper, coins, and trash.

August 14, 2013

Dark Day Roast Coffee

There is a light hue of evening slipping on a warm window frame.

Always know the date.


Sometimes I forget my name.

Maybe it’s all on the surface of what’s in my cup.



More coffee than is necessarily helpful.

And there are words by the mouthful.


Watching the cool day beauty,

Wind blows right through me.


Advantageously lacking,

Practiced at grabbing,

And then gone.


Sing song.


Tune in out of cue.



Out to sea, only to see you.

April 22, 2013

608 Abstract Logic

Did you know:  Smashing the bottom of your beer bottle on the top of another beer bottle will cause the latter to bubble?  Oh brother…

A simple truth, we are in trouble.


Drunk-monologue-saying: as long as they keep paying me a check I’ll still collect.

I’ll keep smiling and I’ll forget the bad treatment without regret.


Similar to paralanguage: it’s not what you write but how you write it.

Body language is 90% of what you are trying to say; my hand is out to you.  Do you invite it, or do you push it away?


Forward, fight it.


Seek and you shall receive.

Think and you shall start to believe.

Things change; watch the leaves on the trees.

Relax and breathe.


Shall we rest at easy, or toss and turn in the cool night’s breeze?

Which do you prefer in attempt to sleep?


Life is simple…

Open your eyes to see.