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May 6, 2018

a trip to the zoo (and Disclaimer)

Disclaimer: I DO NOT make money off of the advertisements you see on my WordPress page. I find them rather annoying and ridiculous.  Perhaps, WordPress makes money off of these advertisements and charges $30 to have them removed.  Weirdly, I create the art on this website and they make the money off of that art. 

Accordingly, the poetry I share with you here is free. I make nothing off of my writing in or on this poetry blog. Here is where you come in! If you read and enjoy my poetry, or any of my writings, please take the time to donate and contribute to the art that you enjoy.  It helps make my unique poetry free to all.


through the zoo.
wheelchairs, strollers, phones;
pedestrians, families, staff on phones;
everyone on phones, capturing
videos of things not on their phones:
glass, zebra, giraffe, fish, primates, et al.
interesting, i think about
the monkeys the most, moving, trapped…
do they want to be here?
do i want to be here?
watching them?
do they want to be on that person’s Facebook
or Instagram, do they like likes as well?
i don’t know.
i am gentleman animal, a zoo apart.
i know that in crowds tho,
i can’t get by
or go away easily with the stroller i push.
always: risk assessment.
please, human, i don’t want to be trampled.
i suppose our flaws define our paranoia, uselessly.
#dadlife, right now.
our animal minds change for our progeny.
food, housing, money, college, college debt, mortgage, retire.
that’s why the monkey shares its food.
it knows better to have a credit card.
why the monkey doesn’t kill it, rather starve to protect.
why the monkey… well, it’s there.
in buildings smelling of hot dogs and donkey shit.
we toil hard through the weekend days in the sun.
the tiger grazes.
the lioness croons, then culls a mate.
people care about how they look virtually, online.
in lines they wait for cotton candy, t-shirts or popcorn.
i am down at the zoo, down-gazing.
i want to get out to the field.
applying sunscreen, getting hungry.
time to walk out to freedom.
and i do.
but i feel bad for those
left there when it’s dark: the sloth and the mouse.
i guess i am not sure entirely
but someone with us left a donation at the door.
now’s you turn to do the same.

February 8, 2015

smartphone adulation; a devotion of ease

Technology has brought us so close together,
We have no time for private, no time alone—
Everyday it’s a photo, it’s a text, or it’s a call;
There waiting is a notification on your phone.

June 21, 2013

The Mobile Device That Will Change Your Life

I’m on the phone.

One minute (a finger pointed towards you).


I’m texting-I’m cool.

Thought you knew.

Wait til I’m through.


Hold that thought-hold the line.

Am I getting through?

Bad connection-it’s yours not mine.

Which provider do you use?


Voicemail almost obsolete, I never check that thing, haven’t heard a message in weeks.


Dial tone, on the phone.

Bad reception, when in Roam.


I’m on the phone as a matter-of-fact.  I’m phoning home, just trying to get back.


And you and me, when we meet in public, I’ll take my phone out in a moments notice and love it.


I love it.


We talk in person but there is no replacement for a buzzed in ringtone vibration notification.



Obsessed to death with full coverage policies, low batteries, connectivity, and missed calls.

Hey! Its got the universal adapter just plug it in the wall.  Its also got you by the balls.


We make time to be rude, to stop eating food, to interrupt mid-conversation, to make our loved ones wait patient-real-life lost in translation.


And what’s it all for, to get spied on by the NSA while we are preoccupied with constant connections that we are paying for?


I guess…


Now are you going to take that call?

I haven’t got all day.