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September 3, 2017

you cannot know ever

do go ahead, appeal to me:
be open, be thoughtful , be free.
be like the antilablists be:
no “know”, no fact, no meaning.

October 2, 2013


Blot out the sand from my eyes,

One finger at a time.


Remind me why we wake…

And have the day we take to date.


And say the things we’ve said

Run the thoughts from my head.


They run me through.

If you only knew.

They don’t notice you.


Dead until new.

Right here too.



Equals belief.



Equals avoid fools.



Equals go to sleep.



Equals the one right tool.


Another day.

Another day.

Another day.


What did she say?

I don’t remember, and I can’t ask her anymore.


We hope the sun will cut the haze, and then we hope for shade.

July 25, 2013

Academia (College Transfer Student)


By Terry Scott Niebeling



Thoughts in a whirlwind-stir,

Before we open a single book, to a single page,

We think of the transfer of a single synapse about to occur in our brains.


We think of the working world, taking a second look, at a certain class.

Conjured up ideas of being trapped; you need to work-you belong there, that’s the only path.

Close the Book.


Deep thoughts,

How we succeed and how we fail.

Entertaining the need to exist, taking on adventure, and aspiring to prevail.


Lecture, process, write, dream,

We focus on what we can change,

While we sit factoring in a grading curve, trials that will be unveiled, and a main scheme.


Pay attention to the details; knowledge is bursting at the seams.