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March 14, 2017

the lottery

every day
is like
lottery ticket,
even if you lose,
at least
you can
still dream.

January 14, 2016

You Didn’t Win Either? (unluckysucker)

Everyone in Minnesota
did not win the Powerball
jackpot last night…

So—Today we can all bask in
the cold-light glory
that no one near us
is better off than the rest of us__probably.

We can now all
relish in this thought,
and be our special way of nice
over such a cutting idea.

As it were, broke, sad me, holding
a job with frozen fingers—
not throwing Benjamins on
a naked golden yacht (no fun & sun).

As it were, us crying together
at the blackening void of
our faithful fantasies vanished,
as summer beach scenes
and graduates of Coffman Union
around long winter breaks.

Cry sad local gambler, cry hard with me.
You didn’t win either, ha!

December 23, 2012

How to Win the Lottery

I left work a lowly kitchen staffer.

I woke up 400 million dollars happier.


My phone rang.


Then I woke up again, thirsty, tired, alone, and cold…

I woke up, literally, at my apartment, late for work, hungover, disappointed, and stoned.


I woke up and moaned.


My phone kept ringing…


I realized the moral of this situation:

Don’t play the lottery, and you won’t lose a dime or a moment of your time.

Just don’t play…


But exercise your mind.


Be happy about your life.


The dreams we allow ourselves to create with the purchase of just one piece of paper-

We find in due time the Grand Creator.


I answered the phone and found out it was the wrong number…

Twice now, fuck.