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December 31, 2015

Homage to Charles Jackson, The Lost Weekend; the lost critic

There is no fix for it, besides outright
quitting. And how many people will do
that? They don’t care to, you know. When
they get upset like any person here, they
think they want to give up, but they don’t,
really. They can’t bring themselves to
admit they’re critics, or that judgement’s
got them pegged. They believe they can
give it and take it fair — so they give it.
If they do stop, out of shame or awareness,
they go at once into such a state of
depression and shock that they become
inaudible. They are lost of thought, and
feel sure enough of themselves to be able
to start assessing, promising objectivity,
or straight realism, and — yeah, then it
becomes the same old play over again.

June 9, 2015

Pro Tips for Planning your Perfect Life

“If you can’t please yourself, who can?” -Ma

In the morning I start planning,
by the time I am done it is mid-afternoon.
I find that I have all things figured out,
in finding that happiness is without.
When I have specific plans completed,
seen through to fruition, I can only hope for one thing:
that I still feel as good as I do when I just open my eyes,
young, in love, and surrounded by it-
when I just walk outside—lost and uncaring,
when I do the first thing that comes to mind, even today,
now, to escape.
I hope to still feel as good as I do right now,
with no excess in what I have about me, and there, no excuses,
because none of those institutions will change anything, ever.
Not one. They only complicate and muck up straightforward.
Fuck plans. It is how you feel when you feel you in the end.
I hope to feel as good as I do when I wake up
in the morning, before I start planning.

March 7, 2015

dream life

Coming to with a pin-prick realization
at waking moment’s light,

out of a dream more like real-life than itself,
a concept: that our perspectives are the only reality we see;

we were only dreaming then, we are
only dreaming now, we are but dreamers—

as fast beams of light we flash in dark skies,
and in the still night everything is fine.

February 15, 2014

Don’t make plans, make Progress

Blow a hundred hours on the internet
Think about the things we don’t have yet

However, I’m doing just fine with what I’ve got
When I take the time to look at belongings, I realize I’ve got a lot

Reality of what’s right in front of me
I could take the time to walk, but I’d rather flee

I’ve seen a few things in my life span
But I always account for what’s within the trash can

We can learn a lot about self from the books on our shelves
If we take the time to cherish what’s been spelt out

We can count the moments we save time for self
We can accept that as time for mental health

Alles tag
Alles tag

A new obstacle to climb

Alles tag
Alles tag

Another voice filled rhyme

Why sit inside and cry?
Or in the meantime, ask why?

Moments fly by
Then we realize

The good things in life fall from the sky
No one can surmise the actual surprise


Quit goddamn planning for things…
Don’t make plans, make progress.

September 3, 2013

America The War Corporation; Syria

America, as a government entity, is a corporation for capitalism-considered as an individual-a person, with all of the civil rights and privileges we citizens have been afforded.

Then if this individual sits trillions of dollars in debt, why are they allowed to pursue wars in other lands?

Should they not fix what is at home?  Own up to what they owe, for the better of society as a whole, for the better of the land?

Abandoning the poor, hungry, and diseased here, as they increase military strikes and spending by the year.


Killing our sons, daughters, and sense of pride, all in time.


Logic, hope, and decency are lost.


Measure the cost.

….  However, but not by all,


We can think of ways to change, but unlike our country we won’t act in haste.


Patience we wait.


Not standing idly by as fighter jets tear through the skies.


With sharp eyes, and even sharper tongues.


On Labor Day we reflect, have those in charge been laborious, or just increasing the debt?


History is written for thinkers and historians, lest we forget.


Politicians seem to overlook the past.


This person is American Government.

Stop this person.


They overlook their acts as if it hasn’t been as tragic as the last.

America needs to move forward for America.

January 2, 2013

My Type (Like Me)

My type of girl might like me if she likes:


To take advantage and fight, or take full flight.

Or drink beers.

Or watch the stars at night.


On a moderate cash stash.


Or grab your girls ass.

Or laugh.

Or leave-


And get back fast.


Top class with a hall pass on everyday typical situations-

My pitch is for patience.


My time and the people around me are ageless and painted.


Not fleeting occasions, but I will visit some for a moment.


Sitting patient in the basement while others get disintegrated by the nearest bomb placement.

Adjacent awesome, blossoming like a daisy with a supply of water as plentiful as the ocean.


As far as you can see.

You hear me?


And others think I am lazy or crazy, thank you John Lennon.


He is thought-some.


Focused and fantastic.

To others it’s a tragedy and drastic.

They are made of plastic and spastic; damaged like broken elastic.



They snap.


Thinking about the time they didn’t have it, and the time they still don’t.


And they won’t.

(But how?)


But I won’t joke.


I think its time for practice.

The 5 p’s to avoid a choke.


The shit like that’s it, and we sink the boat that you chose float.

I quit, so you can rest easy.

I write the stuff you quote.


And I am favorably friendly to most.

That’s it.


From above:

Likes me for who I am and who I want to be-

Who I am, you see…

Just like me.