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September 26, 2014

Hollow Bones or Dead Teeth

He sat,
Clasped hands,
Sometimes clattered on the desk,
Wearing his nails long;
Hollow bones or dead teeth,
Moving with gestures-

-Words on gender and pleasure.

One must point the finger
At self
In a mirror
To find out.

Once to be challenged
Once to be inspired.

Ah, the English Major exacting his critiques on me…
God save silence, God save Education, God save humility.

September 21, 2014

Seasonal Realism

Strong Autumn winds blow in;
Through trees, on a whim- these limbs,
and shadows made of them.

Exhausted year, once again…

Biers and tears,
Free and easy,
Mind’s been cleared.

Coming up wasted and frustrated-
Elliot Smith came up roses,
Empty handed impatience,
Changing mindset with practiced poses.

Some of the best luck of all time,
Some of the unluckiest best times,
Some logic takes heavy loads off minds.
Some laziness, what!? -The awful crime.

Round corners above pavement,
On a bike,
Life is dangerous,
Backpack filled with book pages,

I promise…

Summer’s gone recently, but not for long,
This weather; indifferent, right, or wrong.

The Midwest is at least unique in that it is unpredictable in clime.
And I imagine Simon and Garfunkel will enjoy their vodka and lime.

August 21, 2013

When I am Gone/Blue Moon

When I am Gone,

By Terry Scott Niebeling


When I am gone think of my face with bright eyes and a contagious smile-think for a while.


When I am gone know that I am still near the Mississippi River.  I am in each village, town, and city, respectively.  La Crescent, La Crosse, and Minneapolis-truly.


My thoughts will be more resilient than mortality.


When I am gone I am actually with you.

Don’t remember me for the things I did, but for the things I do-pleasant memories.




When I am gone you are actually with me too.

And when I am gone know that this is the beginning; we are not through.


When I am gone just know that I love you.

And when I am gone know that I know you love me too.


All comfort, it is true.


When I am gone make every enemy friend.

And when I am gone smile and make amends, because all your thoughts make you.



Blue Moon,

By Terry Scott Niebeling


In the end, when we are all through-said and done, look up in the sky and remember the Moon is a Hologram.

Made by those on earth to feel better about being alone in the universe.

Don’t ask why

However, I am still with you.  So fear not.

Standing right by your side.

March 11, 2013

Out For Coffee

As a rule:

Don’t drink.  But if you do, only have 2.  Don’t drink more than 2.  Don’t drink and drive.  But if you do, don’t drink more than 2, and try to stay alive. 

I love someone who had more than 2 and tried to drive, and they almost died.   


As a Day:

Make a magnificent video for all to see.  No fear to be real, so free.


Sit sipping coffee, laughing high-pitched and lofty.  Life is sweet as toffee as you can see.


Pondering oft-hesitantly.


Real snow on the ground outside of the warm café, for drinks we stray, for hi-speed we stay, reading a book, getting a refill for sixty-five cents, with coins we pay.


This is no movie.




We hope to reside until summer time.




The sun will blind our eyes.


We forget, we forgot.  Remind me.

Quietly show on time-show up with pride.

Pick a bride and die.


Unbundle and stretch out.


This is life.


Alone we cry.


But why?


There is so much to learn about self; looking into a mirror what can you describe?