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August 14, 2013

Dark Day Roast Coffee

There is a light hue of evening slipping on a warm window frame.

Always know the date.


Sometimes I forget my name.

Maybe it’s all on the surface of what’s in my cup.



More coffee than is necessarily helpful.

And there are words by the mouthful.


Watching the cool day beauty,

Wind blows right through me.


Advantageously lacking,

Practiced at grabbing,

And then gone.


Sing song.


Tune in out of cue.



Out to sea, only to see you.

May 6, 2013

Nicole Kidman Lookalike

Scissors to Flesh,

By Terry Scott Niebeling


E- you resemble Nicole Kidman with thinner lips, bigger teeth, and larger tits.

Your lack of leisurely attempts at discrete-your fear is your contempt; like cars in the street.


I know why you haven’t slept.

You have the biggest fake smile I have ever met.

Hard to believe it seems…

Even your eyes are framed by thick black circles in my dreams.


Pleasure yourself, because your parents never believed.


Living life on your knees and between the sheets and whatever lies have been fabricated between.


Dear God, a façade.


Where are you really?

At the bar, looking at the stars, we went to your car?


Nothing changed.


And when I go to Jules I won’t tell John.

And when I go to John’s I won’t tell Jule.

I don’t know anyone, it’s the opposite for everyone I see, especially you, they all know me.



Our relationship, situation, and problems are still the same.


We won’t speak, we never have, and we never will, truthfully.


I’ll buy you a drink, say hi, and then wave goodbye.


Whatever happened to Monday?




And in all seriousness, I use Nicole Kidman loosely.