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October 28, 2018

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a true smile,
brings you closer to

meaningful actualization

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March 14, 2016

outside of the window

Out there,
split shades,
dusted glass,
stairs, fodder,
rocks, and uncared
for plants, a
twilight precipitation
beckons from
standing vehicles,
shining street
lamps of the
new day calling,
go out
and find.

March 30, 2015

Local News on Finding the Missing

Local news helicopters clapped with
their loud sound as they converged
overhead on the scene, where strangers stopped
to mingle at Coffman Mall, thoughts the worst,
converse on occurrences this once;
I heard “she jumped off the 10th Avenue Bridge,”
a bystander rattled off as rain patted
my mourning-black jacket wet,
standing in a crowd of unknowns, nobodies,
with that heavy buzzing sound in my ears,
while eyes of those around on the ground
looked up—to focus, at those looking down,
focusing, seeing their intrigued glassy whites,
for a moment, everyone watched,
then off they went, no “buddy system”,
about their days in different directions.

March 30, 2015

Again in April

The Ides of March to
April bird song,
where sprouts push
and pull to, through
fertile soil; come the
warming sun heat
on affectionate breeze,
past the months of
cool cold torturous toil.

February 16, 2015

Thin Mints for Brownie Points

As I exited Lind I saw a pack of girl scouts
Slangin’ boxes of cookies by Coffman Mall.
So, I had to drop some cash for Thin Mints;
I’m looking to score brownie points in class.

November 6, 2014

American Hunt (What’s for Lunch)

A Bow to bend
Is one taken in Hand,
An arrow extends
With no wound to mend.

At Speed it flew,
Put sharp head through.
What blood to spew,
What red bled through.

A mess of Hide
Plays with the mind.
Now run and hide,
To be found and die.

Follow the American Animal hunt;
Providing sustenance, it’s what’s for lunch.

September 30, 2013

New Distant Friend (For Anarae Schunk)

New Distant Friend (For Anarae Schunk),

By Terry Scott Niebeling


Where does this take place?

Here and now.



I can no longer write so freely somehow.


If we were to stand we would pace,

And count the past before the Fall.


Look down, look around.

No real answers.


My penmanship has taken a drastically sharp turn; what was once long loops and squiggly lines, is staccato, rigid, and terse.


Our friendship has reached its earthly end, and for the worse.

We had nothing for to make amends.

Nothing but smiles-no hurt.


Not on our accord.

Not on the time we could afford.

Not on the command of the lord,

But some will persuade.


One can no longer relax on facts.

A person has passed, this is no act.

…Serious as a heart-attack.


When the curtains close what happened was lucid transpose.

All is done is exact.

I see your face on the covers at the news rack.


Life happens, we can’t go back.


Clearly and plainly, let those you love know, for when they go they go.

And after that there is little but time to react and think upon chance.


Death is not very intuitive.