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February 4, 2018

pulling teeth

its mostly not the procedure
but the repetitive nature of it
that suffers in the end.

August 13, 2015

metro flood (thru it all)

and I slip into the deluge of everyday life
to pull myself out where I so choose.

May 31, 2015

A Media Inspired Solution to Everything (Modern Movements)

A pair of eyes stare at the “problem”.
A single mind labels, calculates, and retains.
A pair of hands do nothing for meaningful progress.
Another group of “activists” yell: change!, change!, change!

May 1, 2015


a day, a day,

a day, a day,
culture contained.

a day, a day,
the same.

a day, a day

February 11, 2015

Out of the Everyday Ordinary

Our days can be acutely measured:

Bus schedules, warm showers, and brushed pearly teeth,
A bag full of books to read, a cigarette, and a high priced coffee—


Texts assigned,
And the texts read.


Messages sent,
And the ones in our head.

It is:

Ticking around daily as a fine-tuned clock,
How out of the everyday ordinary it is to get lost—

January 20, 2015

The Little Things We Do

We wake in the predawn.
We take warm showers.
We tie tight our laces.
We walk through few doors.
We take in the bright light.
We move down the walkway.
We step through the snow.
We start this new day.

August 21, 2014

Lifestyles, I forget *(MPLS)

Heat index

Windless lungs

Torrential rain

Frozen months


Past pains

Tattoos reflect

Painted bodies

Empty heads


Pierced flesh

Slight regret

Walking home

Make amends




Cold Coffee

Paid rent



Common sense


What day is it?


Doesn’t matter

I forget.



They are all the same anyway, and then they end. 

May 6, 2013

The Truth About Life

Want to get your ex-girlfriends to call you (don’t):  Ignore them.

Want to accumulate fans (don’t):  Hate them.

Want to have real friends (do):  Be yourself.

Want to be a great success (sure):  Stop everything you are doing-take a breath, and get some rest.


Nothing is real in 2013, in America, in this world, in this government, in this civilization, etc…


Nothing, except for what you think, feel, see, believe, and forget…


Just that.

That’s all.

September 10, 2012

The Difference in Change

You’ve got to think, when you’ve given it all and there is nothing more to give…  Did you enjoy the way you lived?



Feet planted in this section of the planet trying to save nerve while managing habits.


Getting better at throwing empty beer bottles in the trash can, playing Mario Kart and not coming in last man.

That’s the difference from my original arrival; that’s the difference between death and  survival, what I know.


What do we know about denial?


Tribal; making sure shit isn’t hollow.


Banging head against the wall to hear a thud.

Found a stud, prepared point for penetration, chair fixed on a rug.


Paint-chip displacement.


Hammer in hand, nail pinched between two thumbs and pain.


We wallow in the distance.

We cherish the gifted.

We ride trains.


We bury all the mistresses with broken dishes in a riverbed to get washed away with the rain…


Super-smart head.


(All friends gathered in laughter thereafter.)


Enlisting all of the children while taking away their wishes.


Hopefully investigating a past tense situation.

Hopefully still studying after graduation, and not in procrastination.


The sun wakes me through a window in this building.

Her body is in Madison-so, this morning is chilling.

Killing time; drinking wine to unwind.


Falling behind as we fall to our knees; cards aligned.

Lack of greed, sit at ease.

Hands clasped in lap listening to the breeze in the trees.


Leave for a moment.

For a moment only, then I shake my head and fall back to earth.




Early to rise gets the prize; taking time to change the tides.

All for good or bad, is all the same.  Taking something away from the daily exchange.