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May 2, 2017

a most tragic death

i think of an all right time
when the most tragic death occurs,
all will know, of course,
in a time of The Voice
and Reddit and justice movements
(goes along with it)
and wanting atonements and fast wishes,
so social it makes
me sick to my 8 minute abs,
more dirty than the morning dishes,
makes me want to turn eunuch introvert,
makes me want to not be invertebrate,
makes me want you to
get dressed backwards
while speaking in new snake tongues–how fun,
while your self-abuse heals you timid.
i think of it now, and i don’t cry.
i think of it now, and i don’t try.
the obituary will read:
… was a totally normal person without
any addiction problems or malfunctions,
absolutely in tune with all in the room
–you can tell by the photos and likes and comments too–proof–
… dies in a tragic Facebook accident
only somewhat entirely consumed.
yes, they did. taken too soon.
and there will be no laughter.
and there will be no hereafter.
and you won’t have to worry about what your friends will think.
because it will all be more real
than the network could handle,
more real than your profile is just now.

April 24, 2015

Ironic Idiot

And you have an idea
where the mass of society is stuck within technology,

not in life,
not in environment,
not there—just socially aloof,

a society prop void,
a somnambulist day to day,

and that same person,
one akin,
counters with, “that idea is trite.”

as they reach for their smartphone
to update their profile
with a semi-interesting proclamation,
for all to measure.

They are lost as an ironic example,
trying to be anything but.

March 5, 2015

People Today:

My God is
My Phone.

December 10, 2014

Some keep Significance going to Social Media – (632)

Some keep Significance going to Social Media –
I keep it, walking the Park –
With a Book for a Link –
And the sun, for a like

Some keep Significance on the Interwebs –
I, just wear my shoes –
And instead of wasting the Day, for Scrolls,
Our little Writer – reads.

Man converses, a skilled Intellect –
And the thought is only skewed,
So instead of being Relevant, realistically –
I am every-day.

*Inspired by Some keep the Sabbath going to Church – (236) BY EMILY DICKINSON

September 30, 2014

Modern Problem

Overreliance on technologies;

I need my smartphone to:
take out the trash,
go to work,
pay bills
take notes in class…

I need the whole world to shut down…
I need to get off of my ass…

When I push that button
And watch the screen glow-flash
I know I’m wasting my time
I know I’m not alone in that.

May 23, 2013

Social Media Obscene

Where is Old-Fashioned Passion,

A lack of action,

Sit all day staring at motion picture contraptions.


Wonder why we smoke weed,

Wonder why we don’t read?


What’s the need, its 2013?


Social Media is Everyone’s Disease, and in Everyone’s Dreams.

Obscene how Obscene the Scene Seems.

January 30, 2013

I am Looking for Him, He is looking for Me

He changed them for the world to see.

He hides what he can.


In a matter of just days, he altered their state.

He has touched all of our friends.


His absence is apparent.

His presence is a trend.


He has many acquaintances in need of a mend.


I will find you.

He says.

I am always looking.

You are always on my mind.


At the bottom of a bottle.

At the top of a high.

At the end of a line.


I just can’t, and won’t get over things until you are gone.


Four leaf clover kind of luck to evade the parade of flesh.


Without you my spirits are crushed, I am cut and dressed.



Swan Song.


He is hanging on forever, never saying goodbye.

We lose friends in the process, we lose sleep if we try.


Without a doubt, make a bet, he is breathing down your neck.


Then everything is over.

All is dark.


Everyone is sober, and all have read.

Beating a dead horse to death.

He is the smell on your last breath.


The End




The things we miss out on while sober are nothing in comparison to the things we have lost while intoxicated.


This piece is for my mother, the strongest person I know.