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April 1, 2017

Travel Iowa

State lines on 35E.
Sunshine and wind turbines
In a row, forceful pull.
Take hold, take the wheel.
The Shins, The Smiths.
Rest stop to piss, half eat, full nurse
And watch dogs go amiss.
Lines in the road, cement grey for days.
Phone in roam.
Iowa is not my new home
But they have golden corn
And they have painted domes
That look from Russia make.
I mock that Putin built them here himself
In these divided climes.
But we cant take a joke, so no.
Central America; some trick.
Digest raisins, sup coffee;
See blue barns and ads of semis.
Ladies with hands up disgust,
Use your fucking blinkers please,
Wave, thank you much.
And we go, go, go.
Under the pale blue cut wet clouds
Onward to beautiful yards
And brick castles of made design.
And a welcome guest room the same by friends.

January 26, 2017

Transit 12617

A bus stop view is fine with me, the light rail station could be better.
Straight lines and small talk, deep footprints in a circle, ’round me;
no outerspaced talking heads,
no endless minds near echoed, fettered.
And I would prefer a bus stop bench
or a something to lean on in such this weather, or some silent muttered expression, or tell me how do i do better.

January 24, 2017

stomach bug

i take an ordinary
24 hour stomach flu
in cold breaths,
sitting atop
a sweaty toilet,
trash can in hand
full of warm guts,
lump on gums,
there is no glory.
ready for anything.
now i know
why people jump
from bridges–an end to it,
if i believed in a hell
it would be
nursing some flu.
easily, my stomach turns.

April 30, 2014

The whole world in 105 lines (amongst peers)

The whole world in 105 lines (amongst peers):

Here’s a start:
We all have Minds
We all have Hearts

We all have Eyes
Contemplation of kinds
Histories and Pasts,
That we forget


Moments we haven’t

That of what
Of which
We can reflect:

Before, Now, Happenstance,
And Present Tense–

I said it in less.

Let’s not digress
There’s more to life
Than what’s defined
Even in 105 lines

Even if you were to try,

However, at least you did

I promise-

The whole world is like this.


The only person stopping you from doing anything is yourself.

September 1, 1939, By W. H. Auden.