Do you consider yourself a lover of local poetry? If the answer is “yes”, then you should take this exclusive opportunity to donate in any amount to my unique poetry endeavors.

That endeavor, my project, is to continue to bring you quality, valuable and relevant poetry uninterrupted.

I want to positively inspire! I want to share my voice and poetry to all, locally and globally! I am very excited to share my work with you!

What’s more, you can help me continue to bring my independent and extraordinary poetry to countless readers without having to pay for the bloat and external cost of a publishing house.

Over the past ten years, I have shared my words and ideas throughout the literary community to incredible amount of readers and a large and diverse readership.

Now, I ask that if you read my art, you also take a moment to share and contribute to its future and growth.

This is a value-for-value model. I give you value and you give value back. 🙂

Think about it, you help a local artist follow his dreams while cutting out the industry cost. It’s a lean way to be. It feels good.

Many people have already become a part of this unique and novel project, are you ready to become a part as well? Share ideas! Share life! Share value!

I thank you for reading and for contributing to local poetry! Have a positive day!

Donate at PayPal:

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Terry Scott Niebeling


2 Comments to “Donate”

  1. Hi Terry, I am a writer and poet in Seattle. One of the things that makes for success is talent…you got that…loved it…the other is a little secret that took me awhile to learn. If you refer to yourself as a starving artist…you will always be a starving artist. So since you have talent….speak about your self “as if” your already there. Dream big…ya dig?
    Gabriella (poetry e train)

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