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December 8, 2016

bundle up

ere the cold wind
hardened person debacle,
i become less like
those who represent me
and more like myself,
still running from its presence.
we are found, as errant snow
in misplaced cracks
along the street–
never should have been there.
swirling excitedly
at the bus stop proper
under pink and sable skies,
this industry: dying trees, real waits,
away from it all,
lights out in the house,
purely darkened for late payments.
a book stands in my side pocket,
slick along the turns,
a clear door opens, “Hello, sir.”
and then the same door closes again
to shield me from it.
ere the cold wind, just as
it touches me whole.

December 6, 2016

i need a snow-blower

holy fuckin’ shit.
there is no safe way to shovel snow,
there is no way to save your back.
you are feeling it in bed,
and when you stand up,
and when you slip slightly on early ice
making your way to the bus.
you know now there is no safe way to shovel the snow.
even with a bag of salt,
even with a new metal blade,
there is still ice and hard piles– no way.
been expressed as heart attack snow, no joke too.
this stuff is really real,
and it’s just the beginning of a season;
one star in a universe of stars;
virgin weather for old minds,
more to come, more on the horizon.
each snowflake is another chance to die,
now that is something special.
each pull of the shovel,
bend of the back, heave of the chest,
that’s another instance where it could be over.

December 4, 2016

snow day weekend

to salt
the drive,
and sidewalk,
the 67 bus stop,
there is some
old ladies’ and
then mine.
the fluffy
white stuff,
like it;
the melt
snow, –salt,
the to snow
melt, –salt,
this morning
one more
to do…
one more
to find
a meaningful
breaking your

December 1, 2016

fake news/ fake people

fake news
fake people
i mean
about it.
how many
do you
see in
your office
day, and say:
those aren’t
i won’t
what they
to say

November 29, 2016

society’s function

on my toilet
i think of
all the crap
i might face
could wipe
it away
and flush it,
so hopefully
my function
plug up
your high

November 26, 2016

Powerball: my American dream  

My American dream is relatively easy. Like the rest of America who worries about making rent this month–next year’s rise of it, tattered old clothes, shoes with holes and Christmas presents to buy with a dwindling bank account on Black Friday. It’s a piece of paper. The purchase of a Powerball ticket expands my mind, helps me smile, it lights my brain’s canvass with foreign travel, warm heat throughout the apartment–no freezing in the kitchen concerned about our bills; takes me on constant stays abroad: Dublin, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Galway et al.; pays the family debt and helps me save for my posterity’s posterity. My easy American dream. And then on Saturday night my numbers aren’t drawn–very close, yes, about five off, you can relate.  And I take it down a peg again and think 30-40 years then retirement, toilsome broken hands now and student debt payments. Also, poets make no money unless their publication has excellent grant writers, fund raising events, and more friends with deeper pockets. And they better like your stuff and agree too, or you with them; write about justice, identity, and politics, fuck flowers, fauna, and the outside–these things you may see. No one cares about that shit or muse lottery tickets. Vice grips for positive thought. My American dream is easy, just waking up to it tho. My American dream is a hope and a piece of paper. Or I must get out of this bed and make something happen for myself. 

November 25, 2016

Black Friday and The Cost

Black Friday, a day we would
get up with or without work,
spend what we don’t have on things
we don’t need; get there first
even for violence to get the
goods to rest under whatever
broken dead tree. The American dream.
I never thought it would matter, but
when they go it does; all that
wrapping, that paper, that pomp,
and the one to give it to is gone.
More time with those you love around you,
hang your shopping shoes up.
More time, more time and joy.
The cost is not sold in stores.

November 24, 2016

Well Wishes

Here’s a
Bunch of violins
And wet tears
For your
Of troubles,
To the
Real world.
Like everyone
Else. Much love
And well wishes.

November 23, 2016

A Bus Stop view STP

Along the street,
White blankets muffle
Cars sleep then
Crawl awake,
Head light Morse code,
Mounds heap
And all but stand,
Trees drip their wet
Above freezing
While a bus pulls up
And then away
And on this day
And then again
Near Dunlap.

November 22, 2016

easily defined

in the shower
this morning
i realized
there is a whole
world out there
ready to
define you.

thinking further,
if i remember
correct, a
person is what
they eat.

in that case,
i am weekend left-
overs, dead meat,
some fruit, and
cold cows milk.

easy as that, no-
thing more, i have
saved the lot
a lot of work.
they have one less
job to do now.