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January 29, 2017

2am in our new neighborhood

fast, here is defenestrated glass
and her shrill sudden screams;
here is me sitting bolt upright,
there came my curtailed dreams…


(to the front of the house.)

January 28, 2017

adulting in st paul on a saturday, and then belfast

here for
an empty glass
once filled
with coins. $52.something.
turned into food.

the capital hanging
its pale dome
on the dim shoulders’
of University Ave
in the fore.

there, loving couples
at a cross-
walk, smiled;
where i’d
been before,
and am now.

the statue of liberty
played by a man,
nausea teal,
holding this bright sign:
we pay cash inside,
how american, on this corner.

i sit in a turn
pulling to the side,
brown bags and
local ipas in the trunk,

mouthing an old song
while feigning
Ryan Gosling
in Drive–mechanic’s glove hands,
tight grip on
the supple wheel.

all before 11 am
some intersection
crossing Lexington Parkway
and light rail tracks
in St Paul, going, hungry, mad.


and then, thinking of
a hotel in Belfast
conversing continental divides
over continental

and the divided conversation,
and the painted murals,
and how
people took photos
on their phones
inside of a bus because we couldn’t safely get out.

January 26, 2017

Transit 12617

A bus stop view is fine with me, the light rail station could be better.
Straight lines and small talk, deep footprints in a circle, ’round me;
no outerspaced talking heads,
no endless minds near echoed, fettered.
And I would prefer a bus stop bench
or a something to lean on in such this weather, or some silent muttered expression, or tell me how do i do better.

January 24, 2017

stomach bug

i take an ordinary
24 hour stomach flu
in cold breaths,
sitting atop
a sweaty toilet,
trash can in hand
full of warm guts,
lump on gums,
there is no glory.
ready for anything.
now i know
why people jump
from bridges–an end to it,
if i believed in a hell
it would be
nursing some flu.
easily, my stomach turns.

January 24, 2017


I suppose that health is probably most important, at present.

Because when you are dead you couldn’t care of identity or social party.

It is a shame we wile away at pages and screens of blank meaning.

It is a shame that some don’t even take the time floss their teeth.

January 20, 2017

reflection: january 20th, 2017

when Facebook is stealing our faces
and phones are stealing our minds
we can find ourselves together in protest
or we can ask for help, and stand in line

January 19, 2017

you make you

i wonder, do you
make you happy…
if not you should.
i wonder, does
the snow tell
a cloud’s path;
does a paycheck equally
cause grins.
a bevy to the lot will tell.
then i smile at the first,
and go to start again.

January 16, 2017

how to improve paying back your student loans: an interaction about income-driven repayment

i just spent the
last ten minutes of my morning
to Anthony from
how they could improve
their website’s user
interface and experience.
i said:
make repaying student loans
so easy that it
could be done on accident,
so easy that my mom
could pay it back
and it would be a surprise.
-you see, i said, i have a blog
where people can donate with a button-
no big site, no ads, just simple,
even you could donate…
then i told them
to have their bosses
contact me,
call me back,
i am free all day for MLK,
i would tell them about
reforming student loan repayments
for everyone dealing,
i told them i would
do it for free, no charge.
now i await their call, for everyone.

January 15, 2017

cord-cutters of the world, unite and take over

cutting the cord
i found that
Comcast is a triste tryst,

unknowingly before
but CenturyLink
changed this.

January 14, 2017

first time parent

the creation of blood & flesh;
how it feels to be a new god.