14 days of freedom

two weeks free, two weeks
impromptu vacation.
freedom comes in all forms,
same with oppression and coffee;
we can imagine we enjoy, care,
feel, appreciate something,
only until the dream becomes bitter
and a refund is unavoidable
on that expensive as time fancy.

believe what you will, but
school made me do it.
i’m smarter than that…
and only to take moments back.
just don’t forget to bring
the crumpled receipt and iron-side guts.

that two week notice came
in the form of honest inspiration,
easy misinterpretation, and was taped
to the desk so onlookers didn’t
get their observations wrong,
even if it came from the top down
and no one could talk about it.

and the wows of micromanagement gods
and a missing centre would render
them backwardly obsolete.
surprisingly few meetings on that.

now the only thing in my way is finding
out what to do with all this freedom,
i feel for those still looking.
never a certain office could hold.
two weeks free then an oasis.
never compromise to just exist.


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