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March 31, 2016


i do wonder, dead
or alive, with or
against, subjective
or fact, right or
wrong, can’t we
all just get along?

probably there exists
no change, where there
exists no neutral…
probably you already
know about this smart
dilemma in your beliefs.

March 29, 2016

beat of sound – day break sight

here a morning room
lack of light–
no present moon,
and the trash
man backs in & dumps
our leavings to
the sound of jazz
some bump -kerplunk-
from a warm wooden
floor, the leftovers
we had scouered
from the early night
before, and sure it
is beautiful, and
this now waking up
time is just mine.
all inside and
the just outside…
sound in my ears,
sight in my eyes.

March 26, 2016

La Crescent (in two lines)

La Crescent, where a beautiful quaintness.
La Crescent, where a space to breathe.

March 26, 2016

South by 52

One hundred and forty-two miles
And no goddamn brilliant sunset,
It was all behind a wall of clouds.
It was as if Nick Drake guide us
Along with semis and bold speeders,
Phone calls and this buzzing hum.
52 south and basic open roads,
Here was our fast transporting life
With severe-as-heartache potholes,
Dotted lines and the will to drive;
A truck rolled along where we go.
Past Cannon Falls completely shut out,
Waiting used cars, and descending hills.
Talk thrills in rhetorical expressionism,
Speak of peaceful love coming home.
Grasping what end day commute to
And thinking of where exactly from.
60 through Rochester – someone died;
St. Charles by sister, honking and waving.
I couldn’t tell you of what I didn’t see:
A deep blue outline framed this village
Came into view in a windshield fore,
Familiar sight to see when we stop
Simply the way we had left it before.

March 23, 2016

Lake Superior

Just past Duluth I saw it again, the gains along the highway, cutting tributaries, and well named signs. I saw Shore Creek, and cars parked along it, the patient fishing. Tired eyes captured the sun and we ate Betty’s pies in her quaint cafe. It was simply up there as we were, that vast deep blue along crimson spotted red, and varied pebbles. Seagulls cawed. How it was made: volcanos. Set up along verdant pine. A truck bounded past meltsnow and the hot going as it were. Lake Superior, North Shore, just past Duluth I saw it. Such a reprieve, and just up a bit. Hard to imagine its incredible immensity. Try and take a moment to see across where it bends at the horizon.

March 21, 2016

Coho Cafe, North Shore

Railings and pines
and silhouettes,
silverware sounds
of the cafe
where we sit,
among pages
& digital notifications,
hunger patience;
Monday the busy
world and our short
necessary calm.
Yes. and a short
moment of it noticed.

March 17, 2016

Double Perfection

Sordid pieces of me to go
strewn about all days;
coming together now.

Such a puzzle to complete,
all things as newly breaking,
waves at water’s edge.

… Breathe. That’s it…

March 14, 2016

untitled 59

Skyscrapers and spires in the cool of night,
downtown & away, in the darkened light.
And we do what it is to make such sight burn,
we open eyes on what makes the soul yearn.

March 14, 2016

outside of the window

Out there,
split shades,
dusted glass,
stairs, fodder,
rocks, and uncared
for plants, a
twilight precipitation
beckons from
standing vehicles,
shining street
lamps of the
new day calling,
go out
and find.

March 13, 2016


Emboldened symbols
cut with meaning of

three hundred million heads

over a spider web cache:

How will I think for myself?