Midday Theater

Open pages from an open book wave in an open breeze,
Taking on open looks.

As leaves atop trees.
Mind at ease.
Stand steady stiff knees-we need you.

Sounding gusts forbode of a chilling breeze, goose-bumps, as bodies jerked, shook and teased, a telling tale; reaction release.

Alive, a man stood watching in disbelief.
Out of the corner of my eye.

Poignant sum of a forgotten movie scene.

An apple as a weight would stop this play.

What have we here?
Theater Midday.

Amongst decades of culture, insects, thick green, and bright golden sun rays.
At the epicenter of vocation, progression, and ever changing minds, they, most, just walked by.

All unawares.

Cares as clouds in the sky.


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