I cannot summon the blank page to write for me.

To tell forth what I see.

I see therefore I tell:  


I see you, I see me.

I see us, I see we.


I see all is well.  


I see rain, I see trees.

I see an instant flee.

I see green.


I can’t see smells.  


I see people being discrete while dancing in dirty sheets, and such…

Cripples hobble on broken feet, and such.  

Lacking while we complain to beat, and such.  


I see numbers, … 


And they bemuse…


I think I see too much, 

Because I’ve become confused…



I see logic in the choice to choose.

I see a burning cigarette and an open bottle of booze.


I see, oh, wait…  never-mind, I forgot.  


I’ve seen a lot.  


All I see is proof.

Do you see too?


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