Working The Desk 1001

Cool cubicle setting, a weathered view of present outside heat,


I never thought a job like this,

In a library I sit, comforted around so many resources-a relief.


(Not a soul to bark at me to move my feet.)


Making a stand at growing my wits.

In between now and accomplishment.


To date I check out and stack books.

To the next I watch for an approving look.


For what bar codes, laser scanners, and computer records exist.


Tomorrow I’ll be somewhere else, doing about the same, checking off a new and different list.

What a vast world there is.


I’d say, wow, things have changed.

And some stop at earning a career.




Life Lesson From a Lowly Twenty Something Year Old:

Just as you look down your attention is seized by that which makes you look up.


A friendly face makes a machine beep just behind my chair.

Logic explains not to care.

Any questions?


Balance the equation,

At present I feel I am getting more than I bargained for;

Pleasantly Surprised with all before my eyes,

Viewing situations from different angles to measure score.

Like always, and as before.


Sometimes  you need to know where you stand.



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