America The War Corporation; Syria

America, as a government entity, is a corporation for capitalism-considered as an individual-a person, with all of the civil rights and privileges we citizens have been afforded.

Then if this individual sits trillions of dollars in debt, why are they allowed to pursue wars in other lands?

Should they not fix what is at home?  Own up to what they owe, for the better of society as a whole, for the better of the land?

Abandoning the poor, hungry, and diseased here, as they increase military strikes and spending by the year.


Killing our sons, daughters, and sense of pride, all in time.


Logic, hope, and decency are lost.


Measure the cost.

….  However, but not by all,


We can think of ways to change, but unlike our country we won’t act in haste.


Patience we wait.


Not standing idly by as fighter jets tear through the skies.


With sharp eyes, and even sharper tongues.


On Labor Day we reflect, have those in charge been laborious, or just increasing the debt?


History is written for thinkers and historians, lest we forget.


Politicians seem to overlook the past.


This person is American Government.

Stop this person.


They overlook their acts as if it hasn’t been as tragic as the last.

America needs to move forward for America.


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