Naked Morning (Picture That)

Sweet smell shower relieves her of her sweat.

Last days lest we forget.

Standing center stage, naked silhouette.


Onward and upward, to tomorrow-fill the hollow.

She has said.


No sorrow she brings.

What we have and what we expect.


As we count our blessings one at a time; all the small things in life that we forget.

Some are too important, and aren’t meant to be undressed.



Now, I think I need a cigarette.

Can I bum one?  



She said it was nice to see my big blue eyes again.  I told her yeah, it must be… she said I can talk to people, it must be my face.  She said I care too much about everyone.  I told her to blame it on my mother; she taught me everything I know.  She kept asking questions, I had some answers, mostly the right ones.  This was a day with too much coffee, not enough travel, and, maybe, too many words.  She asked me why I was so condescending about social interaction…

I told her because I don’t like people.

I don’t think she believed me.   





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