All or Nothing (Changes)

Where there is time to complain there is time to change.


Afraid of difference like a cat the severe storm.

What we have learned we’ve adorn.


Sit and pace the floors, searching for answers.

Asking for more.

Asking for less.

Asking for what’s best.


Of regret… Of accomplishment…


A life of collectables, and everything is lost in a house fire.

Tired, on a wire, wanton to desire, with no aspire.


We can think all we want, as much as we can talk.

But until we actually do we face nothing new.


And until the new we cannot see the old through.


Things must be certainly one hundred percent or nothing in the face of danger-in America with anger.

Or “Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish.”*


Walk up and take fear of change like a stranger:

Preparing for a handshake.


*Steve Jobs-


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