Mid-Coitus POV

A walk outside,


We were stuck like two rocks in a stream, submerged in the water.

Amidst dreams, cows lined patiently awaiting slaughter.


Lying dazed and unconcerned.

Nothing learned.


Catch the day.  Catch the same.


Just over, just under;

Above not being below voyeurism blunders.



To pay bills, cheap thrills and such…

So much time, so much trust, so much luck… And we are out of all.


Eat Out For Lunch.


Small plant does not exceed its pot.

Dead flesh left to rot in the hot.


Sunglasses on, facing skyward, praying for the fall, thinking about it all.

Minding nothing and still breathing.


Catch the day.  Catch the same.


Another day to make another dollar-to change another life; yet we sit around staring at a television on another night.

Consummating commercialism.

So sexy.



Remember when you were ahead of foresight?

A baby’s eyes before first seeing light?

And now we punch clocks, pay bills, and take pills.


This is The Great 2013 Depression.



Rich dark soil on either side, sitting-fixated-as the water passed by.


We cover our eyes as we forget to open our minds.

Awake like mid-coitus; foreplay of fellatio, and here we go.


And still, no one cares to notice

Who knows? 


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