Eating Americans

As an American I must eat.

Eating is what we do: from the obese with a feast, to the skin and bone see-through.


We go to café for coffee and ice cream.

Fancy diners for exclusivity the most.


To the shores and beaches for a picnic-to the backyards for a meat-roast.


We hoist beer and brow to our companions while speaking aloud.

We bow with glorious affection at confection.

We are so proud.


Bet when the food’s gone and our bellies are stuffed the starving in Africa is seldom mentioned.

Pay attention: All that Cool Whip is just fluff.


(Starving exist in this country too.)


A bite of food has many lessons, hidden cookie-crumb confessions.


Eat to satisfaction, not full.

That is the message.



An aside:


As a child I was overweight.  Now I am averaged sized; however, I eat constantly.  I wrote this as a rebuttal.  I think eating can be taken many ways; eating is as deep as the food within us, and then it’s just shit…


Eat wisely, and vote with your dollar.


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