How To Love

I ask you to remember this, (a special poem)

By Terry Scott Niebeling


Let the good times roll.

Always appreciate one another.

You are no longer alone.

You are lovers.


Work as a team.


Come together to achieve goals.


Move upward and onward.


No one else matters,

No one else needs to know.


You are as one, companions on your own.

The two of you’re seeds, together you will grow.


Love is not a passing reaction.

The other stuff just works itself out.

You have to trust(!) would ya?!

Love whole-heartedly, without a doubt. 


Life is simple don’t make it complex.

Laugh and watch the sunset.


Be wise and above the words of others.

Be strong-come together as lovers.


Have faith, and faith will have you.


Think positive rather than negative, because whatever you believe is true, and if you go looking for snakes you will find them too, so just stick to being you.


When you look at one another, you are now looking at yourself.  How do things appear? Make things better, offer help.


Take care of your spouse like you would take care of yourself.


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