The Mobile Device That Will Change Your Life

I’m on the phone.

One minute (a finger pointed towards you).


I’m texting-I’m cool.

Thought you knew.

Wait til I’m through.


Hold that thought-hold the line.

Am I getting through?

Bad connection-it’s yours not mine.

Which provider do you use?


Voicemail almost obsolete, I never check that thing, haven’t heard a message in weeks.


Dial tone, on the phone.

Bad reception, when in Roam.


I’m on the phone as a matter-of-fact.  I’m phoning home, just trying to get back.


And you and me, when we meet in public, I’ll take my phone out in a moments notice and love it.


I love it.


We talk in person but there is no replacement for a buzzed in ringtone vibration notification.



Obsessed to death with full coverage policies, low batteries, connectivity, and missed calls.

Hey! Its got the universal adapter just plug it in the wall.  Its also got you by the balls.


We make time to be rude, to stop eating food, to interrupt mid-conversation, to make our loved ones wait patient-real-life lost in translation.


And what’s it all for, to get spied on by the NSA while we are preoccupied with constant connections that we are paying for?


I guess…


Now are you going to take that call?

I haven’t got all day.


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