Utilize Eye Drops (See Clear)

The heat of the room, the action within, the incident and the reaction again, not the temperature-literally, affected my skin.


Sipping iced coffee white-spiraled with creamer, while rolling silverware.

One likes to be prepared, one observes a moderate demeanor.


Utensils are the bare essentials.

Preferring pen over pencil.


Vision blurred, rubbing lids, hot sting symbolizing an acute singe.


An acrid air amassed around.

A mass of people walked about.


One-third ice, two-thirds water…

Fill the glass; hydration is key.


Ridiculously Redundant, for it neither helps nor hurts the function.

The health of happenstance



Like, Problem, Take That!

Like, Lay off!  Give me some Slack.

Get off my back and such.


What the…

Something is stuck in my eye!

I say.


Assess the situation, and I am suddenly claustrophobic.


Drops to dry eyes return the tears we’ve cried.

Return me to being focused.

Return me while I wait patient.


At this point in my life nothing was wrong.

At this point in my life I could have written a love song.

I chose not to.


Everything was right, wet eyes gleamed in the low light.


But physical ailments waged a formidable affront.

Situations like this can be such…


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