Poetry Contest ($800 Prize)

America’s Problem (Anti-Artist),

By Terry Scott Niebeling


My eyes are closed to all those of inferiority, but nearly open to everything I am selective to.


Objectified, and, of course, opinionated.


Straight laced tied shoes.

Washed face, blemish blues.

Oxymoron attitude-surprisingly, I’m apathetic too.


American epidemic but my problem is foreign.

Locally located in an adjacent basement placement.


It’s where we were born.

And where we come to die.


What’s more dangerous than words?


You and I.


Locked in for payment.

One of the Disgrac-ed.


All action and denial, and so many words: To avoid bringing more in, to avoid bringing more mooring-Especially the Moronic and Turbid.


Have you breathed since you were last buried?


The beautiful, the proud, the unfair and the fixated;

I stand firmly on this pavement.


You can’t spell Commercial without ‘merica. 

The United States already has enough artists, so stay out!





To The Contests,


I dare you to take a double-blind study, I bet the person who won was your buddy.






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