Why We Need Drugs (The Simple Life)

I used to have this linear structure of ideas that dictated my life…


I have to:


Drive my car,

Take my meds,

Pay my bills,

Talk to my friends,


I have to:

Have kids and get married.

Or else the future will turn dark and scary.


And I will get carried away like the light at the end of a very long and very beautiful day.


Nothing unexpected (ever!)-then I wrecked it.

Those straightforward-thinking creatures have patience, and time’s lost, but what’s really been wasted?





What people think?  Oh! How we fret.


Forget that shit (ennui), no reason to be upset (truly).


All I was taught.


All I remember.


All I’ve Lost.


All I regret?


No conclusions.

Only conclusion I’ve been using is there are no conclusions ever.

After that all challenges have been met.




And in a distant setting, such as a living room, in a suburb, of some city far away, someone watches television and consumes highly processed foods, and that feeling is the exact same feeling as what you have read from above.  Don’t change your perspective because someone tells you to, tell yourself. 


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