I Spent Two Weeks in One Night

Even if Minnesota had liquor sales on Sunday Wisconsin would still sell better beer.

What is the big deal with exclusivity?  Why can’t we all be mutually exclusive?


More Tequila shots than a Monday morning can handle.

Cooling off.

Calling in.

Leaking liquor, sweat made last night with some regret.

My bed partner is a trashcan fitted with a plastic grocery bag.

The haze is above my head.

The heat is coming in through the bottom of the door.

Windows closed, no relief.

Celebrate and sleep.

Cough and wheeze; smoked too many of these.

Standing and talking so much it hurts the knees.

Talk to neighbors.

Eat their food, drink their booze, and then cards in the garage.

They say always go to an interview hung over, I heard the examples.

I was an ample sample of what was to come and what had been done.
Last night’s fucking fun.

Last week.

Today we take ease.


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