Blue Planet (Segment From Downtown Prose)

Hiding from spies, not wearing gloves, kiss love.


A plain planet hanging in the balance, ever fragile, with soil, oxygen, water, and talents; Blue-green moving, spinning in the blackness while we drill holes and clear forests and act like these acts aren’t causing damage. 


Someone cries because they have been cheated, someone smiles because they got what they needed.


Drone attacks on smack.  Long kiss goodbye.  Work is code for crack.  John is code for Jack.  And so on.


Off to start another day, another moment we can try another way.  Hoping that time flies-unlike a ton of bricks.  When we realize we are stupid we find we are the wisest.  The worst thing that could happen, and then it’s all right.  Clear sight.  Lights out for the night, I’ve been enlightened.


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