American Money/How Thoughtful of You

I stand in a land where Weathermen lie and people hide inside two-thirds of the year.

3 different pairs of shoes-my daily allotment, you can walk them if you care to try.


Remember though, somethings are not as easy as they appear.

Jack of all trades, master of none.


At times, so broke I want to cry; however, still working most days for a portion of payment to pay rent, and also most nights.


Part-time logic, I won’t pander to pension.

My 401K will have to start another day.

If I get hurt at work it won’t get mentioned.


What’s money made of, a few pennies?  How many?

Not many to me.

Not many to me.

There are a few coins in my pocket.

Motion to pants, white fabric, inside-out, you see?


Budget is like: check to check.

Live on tips.

Die on debt.

Yet, “Competitors bested,” challenges met.


I make enough to exist plain and clearly, to notice all grandeur near me, but when I drive I won’t maneuver a fancy sports car as I go by.


I realize it doesn’t cost much to pedal.

So, ride bikes.


All that, and still I don’t have kids, and still I’m not on a government program; food stamps and such.

Was while growing up.

Ditched that when I didn’t like the lunch, and then I got a job I didn’t like much.


I think it funny that America didn’t find money in train systems and bikes, they found more profit in rubber, oil, and all the problems in your life: Petrol, tires, and prescription medication.

This is some of my situation.


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