How To Write

A Piece of Paper,

By Terry Scott Niebeling


Gathering material, tangible and non-existent, everyday.

…As I imagine, like most.




Stacks of paper; extra scraps bound, wrapped tightly together, with a rubber-band going round.


Lost in time, my eyes scan.

Found happily, like a couple grand.


Standing at work, part-time, punching a clock for the full duration of the span.

Anyway, what’s lost?

We get by anyway we can.


Cutting up old adverts and loose-leaf we would not hesitate to situate in the trash.


How I write, how I know.

I’m all right as it goes.


How I make it to the night.

How I make it through life.


How I keep a grasp.

How we do what we can to help time pass.


Old pen, new pen, whichever pen writes best.

One wet with ink like a well, found taught in my hand is swell, I guess.


To flee to leave to dreams it seems.

Writing what my mind sees, inside-out and in-between.


This is a piece of paper with which I write for a few minutes of my life.

And then, moments later, with a pen, I smile, and begin to write again.


I set down my pieces of paper and my flowing friend.

The end.


And then I start to imagine.


How about you, what’s your muse?


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