Headache Quick Fix

Ibuprofen and Black Lager,

By Terry Scott Niebeling


Out the view from a window, weather brings rain and snow.

Inside my head is split wide-open, pain not thoughts exposed. 


Two white pills, and an open bottle of beer: my only hope of relief, there is nothing to fear.


Void where there used to be cotton, the seal is broke; there is calming peace, stuck like a lozenge in my throat.  


My head is split wide-open, can you see?

Praying for pain to leave, this feeling made a believer of me.


Lord set me free. 


Is my brain asleep?

Am I awake?

Is this a dream?


My imagination playing tricks, internal bleeding, fleeting life, this is how now exists.

Momentarily maligned. 


And twenty minutes later I forget the time. 

Placebo:  it is 2013, what a quick fix, again I feel alive, and I still have my wits. 


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