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May 31, 2013

Why We Need Drugs (The Simple Life)

I used to have this linear structure of ideas that dictated my life…


I have to:


Drive my car,

Take my meds,

Pay my bills,

Talk to my friends,


I have to:

Have kids and get married.

Or else the future will turn dark and scary.


And I will get carried away like the light at the end of a very long and very beautiful day.


Nothing unexpected (ever!)-then I wrecked it.

Those straightforward-thinking creatures have patience, and time’s lost, but what’s really been wasted?





What people think?  Oh! How we fret.


Forget that shit (ennui), no reason to be upset (truly).


All I was taught.


All I remember.


All I’ve Lost.


All I regret?


No conclusions.

Only conclusion I’ve been using is there are no conclusions ever.

After that all challenges have been met.




And in a distant setting, such as a living room, in a suburb, of some city far away, someone watches television and consumes highly processed foods, and that feeling is the exact same feeling as what you have read from above.  Don’t change your perspective because someone tells you to, tell yourself. 

May 28, 2013

All Of This Stuff… (Material Obsession)

All of this stuff, the money, the debt, the stress, it all doesn’t matter.

That stuff’s for people living in the past, this is the future.


Set goals, look forward, and reach for the stars.


What’s amazing is we only live once (as far as we know).

So don’t think twice.

Live Life.

Do it right.

Exist day and night.


Exist now.

May 26, 2013

I Spent Two Weeks in One Night

Even if Minnesota had liquor sales on Sunday Wisconsin would still sell better beer.

What is the big deal with exclusivity?  Why can’t we all be mutually exclusive?


More Tequila shots than a Monday morning can handle.

Cooling off.

Calling in.

Leaking liquor, sweat made last night with some regret.

My bed partner is a trashcan fitted with a plastic grocery bag.

The haze is above my head.

The heat is coming in through the bottom of the door.

Windows closed, no relief.

Celebrate and sleep.

Cough and wheeze; smoked too many of these.

Standing and talking so much it hurts the knees.

Talk to neighbors.

Eat their food, drink their booze, and then cards in the garage.

They say always go to an interview hung over, I heard the examples.

I was an ample sample of what was to come and what had been done.
Last night’s fucking fun.

Last week.

Today we take ease.

May 23, 2013

Social Media Obscene

Where is Old-Fashioned Passion,

A lack of action,

Sit all day staring at motion picture contraptions.


Wonder why we smoke weed,

Wonder why we don’t read?


What’s the need, its 2013?


Social Media is Everyone’s Disease, and in Everyone’s Dreams.

Obscene how Obscene the Scene Seems.

May 21, 2013

More Coffee

Doing what I never thought I could do, realizing you can do anything you set your mind to.


Start the coffee:

Turn on the water, clear the pot.

Scoop the grounds.

What’s found?


Look outside, think it through:

Weigh the options.

Look to the outcome.

Look to improve.


More coffee, how about you?


Never stop-never settle.

Progressive not sedentary, did I say it clearly?


More coffee, and be positive the next time you are near me.

May 18, 2013

To Be Old





Rewind that back, intent on good imagery.


She is bed-ridden.

Spiders hang from a light-fixture in the ceiling.


Thoughts never left.

She calls for help in a vacant house.


Stuck in my head.


Cat vomit encrusted on the heels of my shoes.

Figuring out what choices to choose.

Clean up dog shit or fall for the ruse.


By the way it was by the way.

Way back in the day it wouldn’t have been this way.


Wondering how she passes the minutes and what goes on in her mind.

Wondering all the time.


I dropped the ball when I didn’t drop her a line.

Thoughts of the last time we said goodbye.


May 16, 2013

Blue Planet (Segment From Downtown Prose)

Hiding from spies, not wearing gloves, kiss love.


A plain planet hanging in the balance, ever fragile, with soil, oxygen, water, and talents; Blue-green moving, spinning in the blackness while we drill holes and clear forests and act like these acts aren’t causing damage. 


Someone cries because they have been cheated, someone smiles because they got what they needed.


Drone attacks on smack.  Long kiss goodbye.  Work is code for crack.  John is code for Jack.  And so on.


Off to start another day, another moment we can try another way.  Hoping that time flies-unlike a ton of bricks.  When we realize we are stupid we find we are the wisest.  The worst thing that could happen, and then it’s all right.  Clear sight.  Lights out for the night, I’ve been enlightened.

May 13, 2013

American Money/How Thoughtful of You

I stand in a land where Weathermen lie and people hide inside two-thirds of the year.

3 different pairs of shoes-my daily allotment, you can walk them if you care to try.


Remember though, somethings are not as easy as they appear.

Jack of all trades, master of none.


At times, so broke I want to cry; however, still working most days for a portion of payment to pay rent, and also most nights.


Part-time logic, I won’t pander to pension.

My 401K will have to start another day.

If I get hurt at work it won’t get mentioned.


What’s money made of, a few pennies?  How many?

Not many to me.

Not many to me.

There are a few coins in my pocket.

Motion to pants, white fabric, inside-out, you see?


Budget is like: check to check.

Live on tips.

Die on debt.

Yet, “Competitors bested,” challenges met.


I make enough to exist plain and clearly, to notice all grandeur near me, but when I drive I won’t maneuver a fancy sports car as I go by.


I realize it doesn’t cost much to pedal.

So, ride bikes.


All that, and still I don’t have kids, and still I’m not on a government program; food stamps and such.

Was while growing up.

Ditched that when I didn’t like the lunch, and then I got a job I didn’t like much.


I think it funny that America didn’t find money in train systems and bikes, they found more profit in rubber, oil, and all the problems in your life: Petrol, tires, and prescription medication.

This is some of my situation.

May 9, 2013

How To Write

A Piece of Paper,

By Terry Scott Niebeling


Gathering material, tangible and non-existent, everyday.

…As I imagine, like most.




Stacks of paper; extra scraps bound, wrapped tightly together, with a rubber-band going round.


Lost in time, my eyes scan.

Found happily, like a couple grand.


Standing at work, part-time, punching a clock for the full duration of the span.

Anyway, what’s lost?

We get by anyway we can.


Cutting up old adverts and loose-leaf we would not hesitate to situate in the trash.


How I write, how I know.

I’m all right as it goes.


How I make it to the night.

How I make it through life.


How I keep a grasp.

How we do what we can to help time pass.


Old pen, new pen, whichever pen writes best.

One wet with ink like a well, found taught in my hand is swell, I guess.


To flee to leave to dreams it seems.

Writing what my mind sees, inside-out and in-between.


This is a piece of paper with which I write for a few minutes of my life.

And then, moments later, with a pen, I smile, and begin to write again.


I set down my pieces of paper and my flowing friend.

The end.


And then I start to imagine.


How about you, what’s your muse?

May 6, 2013

The Truth About Life

Want to get your ex-girlfriends to call you (don’t):  Ignore them.

Want to accumulate fans (don’t):  Hate them.

Want to have real friends (do):  Be yourself.

Want to be a great success (sure):  Stop everything you are doing-take a breath, and get some rest.


Nothing is real in 2013, in America, in this world, in this government, in this civilization, etc…


Nothing, except for what you think, feel, see, believe, and forget…


Just that.

That’s all.