This is for you April

I’ve known better from the beginning.


For years winter season has been collecting all of my trimmings.

Dirty socks, ragged leather boots, gloves worn through, and the truth shown proof.

My face is peeling and red, desert like to the touch, touched by the northern winds, sound beneath feet- a frozen crunch.


Inside semi-radiant heat, outside steam lifts from under the streets.


Living in Minnesota and having a beachside state of mind.

Shut in, wasting time, looking outside becoming snow-blind.


The thin line between losing and winning: spring and summer living for temperatures dipping.


Taking out the linings, lugubrious bundles thinning.


Consciously confused, asking questions, about the weather we mention.

Looks of doubt, where are you from, from what rock did you just crawl out?


I’ve been excited before, but I’m not excited anymore.

Seasons change, but sometimes not fast enough.


Forgiving you for giving me misgivings- that’s in the past, that’s last season living.


Again, wake up to deceitful blue skies and a lying sun.


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