Out For Coffee

As a rule:

Don’t drink.  But if you do, only have 2.  Don’t drink more than 2.  Don’t drink and drive.  But if you do, don’t drink more than 2, and try to stay alive. 

I love someone who had more than 2 and tried to drive, and they almost died.   


As a Day:

Make a magnificent video for all to see.  No fear to be real, so free.


Sit sipping coffee, laughing high-pitched and lofty.  Life is sweet as toffee as you can see.


Pondering oft-hesitantly.


Real snow on the ground outside of the warm café, for drinks we stray, for hi-speed we stay, reading a book, getting a refill for sixty-five cents, with coins we pay.


This is no movie.




We hope to reside until summer time.




The sun will blind our eyes.


We forget, we forgot.  Remind me.

Quietly show on time-show up with pride.

Pick a bride and die.


Unbundle and stretch out.


This is life.


Alone we cry.


But why?


There is so much to learn about self; looking into a mirror what can you describe?


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