It’s Only Working (No Breaks)

Adele does not understand sarcasm.  She came right out and told us.  We said Yeah Right!

Alex.  I guess.  Left early.  I guess.  He had permission.  I guess.  He left us.  I guess.  He is serving drinks at the 1029 again.  I guess.  Everyone was drunk at this time and it was annoying.  Again I guess.

Joe makes a joke about acne and priests cumming on 14 year old boys.  My face is be-speckled.  I tell him a prick joke involving a condom and a cockpit.  Joe is a dick.  I nicked that joke from Fight Club.  We speak in passing.  We were in the kitchen.  We were in the shit.



Sometime before he was at work.  Sometime when he was at home.

He goes to a house in La Crescent.  It is a nondescript winter night.  There are rows of houses around with no lights.  He is alone in the dark.  He is out of sight.

The sky is a deep blue-black from lack of light pollution and populous of stars and planets spinning in confusion.

A television is on.  The sound is muted.

Light flickers.  He is in a living room.  Years ago a woman succumb here quietly screaming.  She had brain cancer.  She had lamented in her shortened days.  He reminisced.

He remembered the future:



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