Another One of The Few (Not for You)

Another piece from an exploited animal.

The cage remains the same.


Virtuoso and I haven’t even picked up the manual.

Capture that shot in a picture frame.


Heaven sent prospect; opportunistic optimist.

Not coming to grant your wish, just trying to exist.


Think about handling shit…

I can do the math-Its ____________________.


Baffle bitches while I swing it like a whiffle bat.

Breeze like air through holes, wearing cold sneakers and a backpack.


Time to relax the act.

Pick up the paint brush.


You show me canvass, I’ll show you abstract.


Cold house, small heater, Minnesota’s where its at.

Time to follow the leader.


2 questions:

Who’s in front though?

And can you see her?



I miss you Poopsauce, I hope everything is great in Philly.



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