My Type (Like Me)

My type of girl might like me if she likes:


To take advantage and fight, or take full flight.

Or drink beers.

Or watch the stars at night.


On a moderate cash stash.


Or grab your girls ass.

Or laugh.

Or leave-


And get back fast.


Top class with a hall pass on everyday typical situations-

My pitch is for patience.


My time and the people around me are ageless and painted.


Not fleeting occasions, but I will visit some for a moment.


Sitting patient in the basement while others get disintegrated by the nearest bomb placement.

Adjacent awesome, blossoming like a daisy with a supply of water as plentiful as the ocean.


As far as you can see.

You hear me?


And others think I am lazy or crazy, thank you John Lennon.


He is thought-some.


Focused and fantastic.

To others it’s a tragedy and drastic.

They are made of plastic and spastic; damaged like broken elastic.



They snap.


Thinking about the time they didn’t have it, and the time they still don’t.


And they won’t.

(But how?)


But I won’t joke.


I think its time for practice.

The 5 p’s to avoid a choke.


The shit like that’s it, and we sink the boat that you chose float.

I quit, so you can rest easy.

I write the stuff you quote.


And I am favorably friendly to most.

That’s it.


From above:

Likes me for who I am and who I want to be-

Who I am, you see…

Just like me.  



One Comment to “My Type (Like Me)”

  1. This was a confusing poem. Divulge?

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