My Day In Comparison (Circa 1984)

“I go to her breast like bees to a sweet flower.”  -OTS


Of waking in such a world:


Eyes dark to the element of night.

Avoiding aversion, focused assertion:

I have to do this.


Alerted companion, shield your gaze.

This hour will not see you wake:

Sleep beacons and pulls you back.


A kiss goodnight again; what we do before bed.

Kiss on the lips.


Morning, noon, and night, it doesn’t matter…

Like prayer, but better.


She was wet with excitement, I was hard to conceal.


Few words to discuss.

What is the meaning?


Love or lust?

Is this real?


Bike to work; quaint, quiet, alone, thoughts of others.

My Day In Comparison.


Who cares?  I am not everyone else, am I?

I miss love like I would miss oxygen too, just like you:


Held under water to die-when you are gone, begging you to come my way, to come my way and stay.  Forever long.


And I wake with another…

Beep, beep, beep.

Another day to stumble through, thoughts of you.


And the sound of a hand slapping plastic is echoed through the sheets.

No damage is done, I pull the blankets over her face and leave.



I think…

My mother always told me to watch out for Number One.


3 Comments to “My Day In Comparison (Circa 1984)”

  1. Crude. Every one of your ex-lovers is hoping she is not the one with the sheet pulled over her head like a butterface.

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