A Modern Fix (Anti-depressants)

Going to the Asian store to buy Mexican food.

Bled through so much I had to change the sheets to hide clues.


That’s honest.

A Daily allotment of rotten.




Smashing magnets outside to build a positive connection.

Fragments stuck to the hammer’s metal.


Yelling at the television inside due to lack of attention.

Another form of socially unsettled.


Real Sunday and Monday.

Real Blurred together.


Sore voice prevention, too late for reception.


Book 101, open to see words, to take a look.

Lying in bed, I hear birds.

Lying in bed alone, I feel discouraged.


Searching the tiny details-reading precisely; slowly like a snail to prevail over fail nightly…


Leaves left to the street make me ponder.

Line, sinker, and hook.


Why bother?


Floating away on the wind again, my mind wonders.

Turning to dirt and fodder.


(On Anti-depressants)


Who tells you about your problems?

And who sells the pills that solve them?


Is it the same person?

Is it urgent?


Be the judge.


We learn, then moments later amnesia.  Diseased, these are just answers to please.

Prescription rather than Environmental Therapy.

All that stuff really isn’t scaring me.


Apparently, all problems are clear to see.


Bio-feed like biology:

I fix me.  You fix you too.

True.  True.

Who knew?

I guess we all just grew.


Now, turn off the news and strap on some shoes, you psycho.






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