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September 27, 2012

Somewhere South (Seriously Serious)

Somewhere in South Minneapolis,


Changing shirts feels like picking scabs at this time of day…

Rub my blackened eyes for the 15th time and fly away.


Playing dumb out of sheer wits-head to the sky, on account of giving a shit.

Vulnerability is a bitch.


Asking why?

What’s legit?


No one is playing tricks.

Competition what’s that?


Healthy and sick.

So sit back.


Anti-apathy happy-go-lucky.

Statistically right with insight.

Come fuck me, lovely.


Above the rest of the ugly, yet still paying homage to my goals.

Ask everyone with the polls,

(everyone around me knows)

they know.

They know.


Underground soul not to be sold.

Never on sale.

Growing like mold.

Out of control.

Learning and progressing forward from the old…




She comes to blow then go.

Out slow-straight process.

Nightly prospect.

Cesspool flow, coming from the dome which most loath out of logic.


Its known to be known.


I just push my bike pedals and roll.


Think about it, ask about me.


I’ll be downtown nightly, getting trashed probably.





Naps are necessary.

September 20, 2012

Odd Lot (Metamorphic)

Solid spot.

Odd lot.

Authoritative disorder.


Borderline the freak.

Peaked on transparent, yet discrete.

The truth about mortar.


Presumably bleak.

Climb the peak.


We wake from the sheets, from sleep, to hunt meat as to eat.


At least we fall in heaps together.


One marks us when we are gone.


Enough passion to be seen from the streets,

from the trees,

from the clouds,

from the sky-how high?


Out of this orbit.


So morbid a sight to see.



are we,

are us,

are fools.


Our hopes,

our lives,

our kids

our rules,


we build our trust.

…  And then we die…


Fixed with fashion,

A ship going down.

Straight lips-ambiguous, no smile, no frown.


Tight hands clutched in a lovers quarrel.

We ride to the center of the earth to steam and boil.


Then we start over.



September 10, 2012

The Difference in Change

You’ve got to think, when you’ve given it all and there is nothing more to give…  Did you enjoy the way you lived?



Feet planted in this section of the planet trying to save nerve while managing habits.


Getting better at throwing empty beer bottles in the trash can, playing Mario Kart and not coming in last man.

That’s the difference from my original arrival; that’s the difference between death and  survival, what I know.


What do we know about denial?


Tribal; making sure shit isn’t hollow.


Banging head against the wall to hear a thud.

Found a stud, prepared point for penetration, chair fixed on a rug.


Paint-chip displacement.


Hammer in hand, nail pinched between two thumbs and pain.


We wallow in the distance.

We cherish the gifted.

We ride trains.


We bury all the mistresses with broken dishes in a riverbed to get washed away with the rain…


Super-smart head.


(All friends gathered in laughter thereafter.)


Enlisting all of the children while taking away their wishes.


Hopefully investigating a past tense situation.

Hopefully still studying after graduation, and not in procrastination.


The sun wakes me through a window in this building.

Her body is in Madison-so, this morning is chilling.

Killing time; drinking wine to unwind.


Falling behind as we fall to our knees; cards aligned.

Lack of greed, sit at ease.

Hands clasped in lap listening to the breeze in the trees.


Leave for a moment.

For a moment only, then I shake my head and fall back to earth.




Early to rise gets the prize; taking time to change the tides.

All for good or bad, is all the same.  Taking something away from the daily exchange.


September 6, 2012

Everyday New

A new life; new walls, new people, all involved.


Walk small, walk tall, and most of all don’t fall.


All inside, now clean it out.

All about, now go without.

What have we left?


Just one phone call-


We had a small portion of a six pack left and a moderate buzz, which was more like a hangover.


Whatever it is we will throw it away.


Like a new day.

Like a new tomorrow.

On a new track.

Hold back.


Burn the rest.

Burn it to the filter.

Burnt out.

The rest is filler.


The fire smoldered until vanquished by lack of accelerant.  The light was heaven sent, yet I was spent in a moonlit residence.


A different location, more pretty girls.

Locomotive at the station.

A different world, we notice

We notice more.




A new life just ten blocks up and down.

Homeward bound, lost and found-to hear the sound of a familiar voice.


She cried when she left, I left with that…

I cried before and held my breath.


I tried but couldn’t die.


Friends lost in sorrow, we borrow…

We mourn, we are bored.

We take all in suspicious tolerance and then ignore.


That day was so bright, we almost couldn’t let go, but you had to.

You had to.

The grass is greener.

You had to.


And then you did.


There is nothing new under the sun; there is no originality, only authenticity, especially in this city.

Sadness and smiles have been around all the while.

This is not special.


Yet, we hardly notice things we hardly notice.


The sunshine was brighter in the loss, Bosnian (the language) seemed fathomable and old-fashioned-she said, “Fuck off Mother.”  I said, “I am not your brother, I am just here for the money.”  She said, “Lovely, now get back to work, Honey.”  I think we had it mixed up a bit, but I kept working. I looked at her crossly as I picked up the broom.


And then…


I took off.

Like a rocket.


On to the next big everyday situation.