Her Name is Taken (part 2)

Two ears,

two eyes,

two feet,

two lives and two hands entwined.


Take a seat.


Take a seat.



Speak your mind.


Reminds me of yesterday.

Sit back and relax,

but don’t say a word.

Just sit back and relax.


She says it she means it.

Grass coming between us,

where our legs let us lie.

Smiles between our words, big surprise.


(And then I realize.  After all, I have to laugh cautiously in delight.)



Etched on myself, what’s been done is example.


Always reminding me.  Always right behind.

Always dying for a sample.


A child reaching up toward a counter top inches from salvation, someone standing in line dying waiting for medication.


You missed the bus, you show up late, but you barely changed the pace.

Everyone tells you.

Everyone knows.


Situations are full of misfortune, but something, rather someone, made my day.

Someone tells me.



The only way to exist and keep on going is to take in the beauty and happiness from those you love in every single moment, in every way possible.   Nothing morbid.


There is never enough, its impossible.


I tell of just one story.




Labels are for losers not lovers.


Focus on the little things that aren’t so little anymore.


Don’t put too much time in to thought, more so confirmation and acceptance of the happenstance.


Love blossoms as time ticks, we age; we exist, and persist.


This is this.

Not that.


Presently you present me with ambition, a problem (I laugh), and excitement restricted, … Until next time apparently.


Best wishes and kisses.




I hope, I pray.  I have lost everything and I am not religious.

Since you left I have been writing non-stop and doing dishes.


-Pony (Terry) Nay


One Comment to “Her Name is Taken (part 2)”

  1. This is refreshing to read. A little bit more optimistic then the usually, and far more easy to relate to.

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