A Bum’s Bribe

Open minds change lives.

Am I burnt to a crisp?


Comfortably sitting skin deep as they weep.


All washed up in a drink.

Eyes cast down in a sink.

Wishing I wasn’t there.


Boat withstanding, brandishing rope for a landing.

A port-anything, but not as in wine.


Like red in the morning, I read in the morning.


Glass half empty?

Rather, broken glass in the trash.


Tempers and temperatures flaring.

But you get the point.

Mostly pointless.


What’s to stand for?

What is it to stand for?

Can’t stand for it?

Standing for nothing?


Glamour galore;

Ah, the punctual whore.


Right on time as time ticks by.

Thank God for this day, thank God for this pay.


But its shit.

But its imagined.

But its great!


And we see.


Thanks for what?

-Everything and nothing.


Stamp it, put your work up in a panic, even if it be damaged.

Posters hang; fading and straightforward in the peak heat-weather, winds pushing, pulling, and twisting material to the bitter end.

And then the rain came.


Still no one noticed.


Things remained changed and consistent again.


They may read, or walk by and not see.

Not out of greed, but out of apathy and discomfort.

They walk with speed, but show no conviction.


His sign says change, cash-please, he’ll take anything.

Why not buy him a beer?

He won’t sit here and drink it.


Ever wonder why?


Obviously no bread is broken here, the exchanged is postponed.


We succeed if we believe.

But then there are liars.


They go through the motions, emotions elated, but only imagined.



Whose to judge?

Where’s the jungle?


Walk in circles and mumble.


We all put on a show, but how is the one in the mirror?

Standing O or no go?

Completely humbled.


Boos or laughs.

Serious gaffs.

In between claps we collapsed.

Lost the clasp and cracked.

Fell off track and got right back.


Like that story about the horse.


Get back to where you once belong, and get gone.

Take it in for a minute, but not too long.



Exist without and within.


All is all, and if you do something to one side you must do it to the other.

Logical, rational, lover.



There is so much to discover… Within Oxymorons.

The church was at the bar.




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