Make My Day (Some of the Few)

Focus, focus, focus.


Eyes on the prize.

Farsighted with telescoped vantage on the inevitable.

A distant path with so much to pass.

Standing, and sitting in advantage.

Accounting for complete as average.


Lost track, who’s to say?

We miss nothing.

What is contented?


Politely greeting everything and nothing time and time again.

All listed, presently enlisted.

A realistic and tedious inventory to self-glory.

Mundane and banal existence not to bore me.


There are many angles to a detailed description.

Vaguely scripted.




We are so gifted.

We are very opinionated.


Focus, focus, focus.


Do it too hard, too excessive, and it becomes ineffective.

Experimenting with sentiment and incentive.

Exclusive to self and highly practiced in doubt.


Are we challenged without?

Are we challenged without?


Focus, focus, focus.


And we do it for ourselves and all those about.

And we try as we may to the dismay of others.

And we are sisters, brothers, fathers, mothers, and lovers.

We mostly get along enough to find others.


Focus, focus, focus.


The Dawn transpires; sun rising in the East creating heat and presence.

The land is green, full of promise; soil rich, dark-black gold, open arms for a readied seed.

The people we meet, still standing on feet, who challenge us inspire; diversity, unity; symbiotic gratuity, and perception are all thrown into the fire.

Daily puzzles, enigmas, situations, and stigmas all exist as life’s earned insignia, an acknowledgement of past, present, and future.

And the sun goes down with dusk and promises of a more prosperous tomorrow.


We can all relate.

And we should all be proud.


These happenings go on with or without us, whether taken into consideration or not.  What is good and what is bad; is nothing but intangible and contrived.  Labels created to divide.  All is the same, day after day.  The only thing that changes is our minds.

Does your soul smile at whatever comes its way?



It could have gone-



Egg, toast, coffee.

Defecate, stretch.


Physical labor, thought process, stress, water.


Toast, butter, salad, alcohol, visual stimulation.

Read, write, brush teeth, remove contacts.



It is not what it is, it is what you make it.  How was yours?  And did you fake it?


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